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Due to the recent rise of Covid-19 cases, Mara suggested a virtual energy coaching session instead of an in person session we had been having previously so we could continue my progress and my current efforts wouldn't be dropped. Despite having initial doubts about the effectiveness, I decided to take upon her offer, and must I say that I was pleasantly surprised to see how I felt afterward! The virtual session was emphasized on enabling me to be more of an active player in my healing through the application of TWR/WHEE (a hybrid of EMDR and EFT) Tapping and affirmations with Mara's guidance. Therefore, I can confidently say that I was still able to feel at peace, more centred, and more in alignment with my inner self in a virtual session! Without hesitation, Mara is compassionate, warm, encouraging, attentive, and has such a soothing voice. Her passion for energy healing shows in each session as she sincerely wants her clients to succeed in their life. Thank-you so much, Mara!

Victoria - Small business owner. Dec, 2020

I had the good fortune of learning about Somatic Energy Healing from Mara Hagglund during an unexpected COVID-19 lockdown. The quarantine restrictions meant that our in-person meeting would have to be online. While this was disappointing, I realized that my energy coaching session with Mara via teleconference still enabled us to connect.

Mara was able to show me several techniques I could use to ground difficult emotions. I was able to practice these techniques from the comfort of my home while still having her supervision and guidance. What surprised me most was how fast the session was over and how much we were able to cover in that time. I am looking forward to working with Mara, in-person when the circumstances permit, but I am glad I didn't wait for the situation to change before taking a step. While an online session can't fully replace being able to meet in-person, it is comforting to know that there is support even from a distance. My hope is you remain open while practices are evolving. Maybe the shakeup is just what we needed.

 Matt Lim - Nov, 2020

I first came to see Mara at Vancouver Energy Healing in mid-October, 2020 and had four concurrent AIEH sessions because I had been struggling with chronic insomnia due to having recurring nightmares from a childhood house burglary that happened over 20 years ago which were really preventing me from fully embracing other aspects of my life. At the beginning of each in-person session we would celebrate any wins for the week, share my progress with the exercises Mara previously asked me to implement in my routine, and she would then ask for my input on what energy centre I'd like to focus on that day. I always left each session feeling emotionally lighter, more grounded, and having more mental clarity. Although, I've had some unsettling dreams lately of childhood interactions with peers the burglary nightmares had stopped. Her wealth of knowledge has allowed me to re-connect with my self on a deeper level, and practice compassion and forgiveness for my past. There are not enough words to explain how truly grateful I am for Mara.

  Victoria ~ Small business owner. Dec, 2020

I loved my energy healing session with Mara! I didn’t go in with any expectations, but came out feeling more rooted and centred in my body, more grounded, and way more calm than I’ve felt in a long time. Her space and energy is so peaceful and loving, it was very easy to feel comfortable and trust her guidance. I highly recommend working with Mara Hagglund to everybody - even if you don’t “feel” something is out of balance, I promise you’ll come out feeling like a weight has been lifted!

Hillary Stiles, Oct, 2020

For a long time, I was looking for someone who did chakra clearing. Somebody who is honest, passionate and caring about people because I know that in this field there is a lot of charlatans. My friend, who studied Advanced Integrative Energy Healing with Mara Hagglund referred me, so, right there, I trusted her because I trusted my friend. Since my Integrative Energy Healing session I feel more in harmony within myself and the universe. I was feeling a heaviness within me, it is gone now. I feel more connected to myself. I feel more energized. My mind is clearer, and I have less pain in my body, plus, I feel less emotional. My emotions, I have control of them now. Since my treatment, I didn't have any alcohol or cannabis because I am afraid of breaking this euphoria within me. It's been a week now, I don't miss it. For me, Mara is an angel because of all the good she does for people. She brings them back to a sense of calm, well-being inside and the rediscovery of themselves. I really hope everybody on earth could experience this. Very grateful for her kindness and compassion, and the incredible journey.

  ~ Denise. June, 2019

I was experiencing elbow and joint stiffness and inflammation, and my personal ‘energy’ and sense of resiliency and effectiveness in dealing with personal challenges I was currently facing had taken a hit, and was suffering. I am grateful that I met Mara Hagglund, days later, and initially was impressed by what a deep and attentive listener she was. I felt immediately respected and safe, not qualities I have always encountered with other energy healers in the past. In the months that have followed, my physical ailments that I walked through their studio door with initially have vanished, and my sense of trust and faith in life, and my ability to respond more effectively to the challenges of my inner and outer worlds has grown in depth and richness. 

It is beyond this ‘testimonial’ to go into details here, and I will say that her energy healing service is a beneficial and intelligent practice that sensitively includes me in taking greater accountability for my health and well-being. Oh, and did I tell you I got homework there? LOL! I whole-heartedly endorse this service at Vancouver Energy Healing to all those who endeavour to show up in their life with greater vitality, resourcefulness and optimism.

~ Steven L. February, 2016 - Employment Counsellor

I went to see Mara initially in August 2015 because I had chronic pain in my stomach for many years that got so intense it was finally unbearable. I knew intuitively that there wasn't anything physically wrong, but that it was stuck energy that I had been carrying with me and adding to for decades. I had met other energy workers who had noted this blockage of energy, but were unsuccessful in helping me release it. I knew that it was holding me back from taking the next evolutionary step in my personal journey. Mara was recommended to me by Steve Butler, of The Backhealer, who had introduced me to the life changing practice of yoga years before. I trusted his opinion and decided to try one more time.

Mara exceeded all expectations. In one session, the stuck energy released. I felt immediate improvement by the end of the session, and completely fabulous by the next day. Now months later, I have been pain free since. During the session, I didn't fully understand all that Mara was doing, but her gentle, nurturing manner made the process feel safe and comfortable. I returned for several more sessions, even though the initial problem had been resolved, primarily just because the complete relaxation was a bit intoxicating. During those follow up sessions Mara took me to the core of my problem, and helped me to see what nobody else had ever named for me. Mara's insight, and caring way of delivering it, was a critical piece of what was missing for me to be able to connect the dots and move on. I highly recommend Mara for anyone who has a desire to heal.

Donna Hansen, December 2015

I have Hepatitis C (HCV) since 2004 and I have been undergoing a second course of chemotherapy for the HCV since March 2011. Through the Integrative Energy Healing sessions, I am more aware of breathing deeply, I can always feel the difference after - I feel lighter, calmer, and more centred or grounded, and I am convinced, in addition to other benefits, that my near normal liver condition and lack of fibrosis or cirrhosis is due the diligent application of the integrative energy healing treatments. One of the greatest benefits to me has been the ability gained, to be in a calm still place - present but relatively thoughtless. All these factors have continued to grow with Mara's care and direction. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and carry her suggestions into the challenges of my daily life.

Tom Quirk, 2011-2013 - Photographer & Videographer

I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the torture I suffered while I was living in Chile and Argentina during the cold-war, (I suffered political imprisonment and torture). I also had chronic sleepiness since the torture and obstructive sleep apnea. I was in very bad shape; nightmares, sleepiness, low energy when Mara Hagglund started working with me in Vancouver. However, I recovered very rapidly with the energy healing sessions which Mara did with me. Today I can perform my daily living activities. I am very grateful to Mara for her dedication in helping me in my recovery.

 ~ Eduardo Agustin Cruz, 2012-13 - Major in Spanish Literature, UBC

Mara is extremely talented in Integrative Energy Healing and has a deep passion for healing.

~ Linda Turner, 2013

Holistic Health Professional Manager, Health and

Human Services and Center for Holistic Health Studies, Langara College.

Mara Hagglund, helped me realize a path to a smoke-free way of living, focused on breathing and self-care strategies in learning how to properly deal with anxiety through a soul - centred, mindful day to day way of living. Her practice is warm and welcoming, and completely free of judgement. After many relaxing sessions with her beginning in Spring of 2013, I have been able to talk about and begin to assess years of disordered eating behaviours, as well as the secrets, shame, pain and other problems that can haunt people with eating disorders. I am truly grateful for the time we have had and the tools that I have learned/applied to my life. I also sleep much better now!

~ A.B. Artist. Fall 20

Mara, we truly appreciated having you and Integrative Energy Healing in our Eating Disorders Program. Thank you for your beautiful healing spirit and support for our client's recovery.

~ Fraser Health Eating Disorders Program,2013

We (Counsellors) noted an increase in self-esteem and in self-confidence of our eating disorder clients with Integrative Energy Healing sessions. Clients were more connected with their emotions, and anxiety was minimized. Clients were able to cope better and decrease binge eating and purging. Self awareness increased and there was more calmness, stillness, better sleeps and just overall better days following treatments.

~Vancouver Coastal Health Eating Disorders Program, 2013

Thank you Mara, for presenting your findings on Integrative Energy Healing and trauma and bringing your wisdom to The Wellspring Conference. With deep gratitude.

~ Wellspring Conference Committee, 2013

Dear Mara, Thank you so very much for the gift of your incredible energy healing work with our clients. We so appreciate the support you offered on their journey of recovery.

~ Fraser Health Eating Disorders Program, 2013

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