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Is Advanced Integrative Energy Healing like Reiki?

No. Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) is not like Reiki. Although all energy healing modalities come from the same universal consciousness that naturally moves towards health and well-being using the 'life force' energy called ki or prana, it is tapping into this consciousness in different ways. Both have ancient Eastern lineage from thousands of years ago. Reiki from Japan and IEH from Vedic teachings. 

Both AIEH and Reiki are gentle and non-evasive approaches working with the Divine consciousness. Integrative Energy Healing practitioners work in 'allow' with numerous protocols, somatic approaches, Awareness Dialogue, and developing a co-creative plan with the client, and acknowledging the differentiating needs of the client. IEH does an assessment scan of the biofield, and body reading before and after the session. 

New Reiki practitioners receive an 'attunement' from a master teacher which has been passed down the lineage, to strengthen their abilities. AIEH practitioners develop their Intuitive skillset organically through self-development and deep inner work. Reiki practitioners place symbols in the clients biofield. AIEH practitioners do not put anything in someone else's field. Anyone can become a certified Reiki Master Level 1 or level 2, respectively, in a weekend and start working on clients. 'Real' Reiki Masters have trained for many years under the true Reiki lineage. AIEH practitioners have a rigorous, academic, professional training of 3 years - 1044 hours (2013), or 700 hours (2014-20) over 2 year period. In addition, health care delivery setting clinical experience; 300 (2013) 190 (2014-2020) client sessions before graduating, case studies (4 ) and an international or local Internship before graduating.

How does energy healing work?

The intuitive skill level of energy healing practitioners can vary. I use my hands, eyes, breath, and consciousness to balance, modulate and clear the energy moving through and around the body. Using body, intuition and Spirit to assist healing through the use of energy and Divine light.

Although there are hundreds of energy points, there are seven major centres that usually are dealt with in our healing session. The major vital energy centres start between the legs, at the sacral coccyx joint at the bottom of the spinal cord, and reach up along the spinal cord (central channel) all the way up to the forehead with the seventh chakra just above the crown of the head. At each of the major energy centres there is a connection to the major nerve plexuses of the body. These energy centres are stacked respectively throughout the layers of the human energy field. 

Each energy centre is responsible for certain physical, etheric, and metaphysical aspects of your being. The energy centres represent major areas of life, and so, are responsible for certain physiological reactions in the body. They contain data referring to your past, present, and future. They are openings for 'life energy' to flow in and out of your biofield. They act as transformers bringing in the incoming energies in our environment. The energy centres can be seen as an interface between matter and consciousness. When we are not aware of our energy centres, they operate on a subconscious level and cause imbalance and incoherence.

A flow of grounding current (energy from the earthly planet) must be able to move vertically, from the feet, up the legs and spine to the top of the head and beyond, where we connect to the higher sources of energy. When the flow is blocked anywhere along the way by an imbalanced energy centre, we cannot reach the self-awareness needed to restore the flow of energy and strengthen the immune system, and thus regain health and healing.

The Biofield is also composed of many layers, seven of which are usually dealt with in our healing session. These subtle energy bodies can not be considered any less real than our physical body. There's the physical body's anatomy and the non-physical-energy field's anatomy. If all your subtle energy bodies are strong, charged and healthy, you will have a full life in all areas of human experience. If it is depleted at any level, you will have difficulty having experiences that are associated with that level, and your life experience will be limited. 

What is an energy healing session Like?

Often a phone consultation of about 30 minutes is recommended where I learn about your reasons and objectives for seeking help. Prior to your session you will be emailed a short questionnaire (Intake form) for personal history and current health status. Once the session begins an interview will follow with you to clarify your needs (treatment techniques and pace) and intentions for healing. Issues can come up at this time, and I encourage the client to speak. Share what you would like me to focus on, and if you’d rather just enter into the healing and see what happens, that's fine also. Within my scope of practice, Awareness Dialogue skills will assist in mental-spiritual balancing (as it is expressed energetically.) Resiliency building strategies, and self-care techniques will be used to aid the process. 

After the overview, I will orient the client to the nature of balancing the biofield. The client is fully clothed but I will ask you to take off your shoes (sometimes jewelry and metal also) and we will begin a chair treatment and or a therapeutic table treatment. Nothing else needs to be removed. You will lie on your back, under a blanket, and or sheet. A heated, hydraulic therapeutic table, bolsters and pillows are also available for your comfort. 

I will then energetically assess the energy field that surrounds and permeates the physical body to 'tune-in' and find the imbalances and blocks. I will often use guided visualization for the client to ground, centre and align, and open the flow of energy. Followed by light touch, or off the body energy healing, gentle massage/movements. Biofield balancing is usually done silently but facilitative talking during a treatment can happen to clarify the clients beliefs, self -forgiveness, and to facilitate self-healing.

What can I expect after I have a session?

After the treatment, there is an opportunity for discussion about the experience and observations, facilitating insights and integration of the energy healing. Instruction in energy-based self-care strategies and coping skills will be given as homework which will support the healing process for you at home. Such as: grounding, resource building, breathwork, and movement.

After a session, the field has expanded and can last for several days. It is recommended that you provide a gentle and nurturing environment for yourself following a session to allow the time for continued integration to happen. Many people have reported better sleeps, long forgotten memories, feelings, as well as new body sensations surfacing. These will all ease off as integration occurs. Drinking water is an important conductor in helping the energy to move, and a recommended amount will be suggested based on your normal intake to be consumed the following 48 hours. Avoiding any intense or heavy stimuli is also recommended the day following a session. 

What can I expect from a session?

Some clients have reported their symptoms disappearing completely, others notice more subtle shifts over time as the energy flow is restored. Some people can not sense the energy waves but this does not mean the energy is not restoring flow. Balancing may be as subtle as feeling more peaceful and deeply relaxed or as dramatic as experiencing bliss, greater clarity, and or transformation. 

The outcome of treatment may yield profound changes and healing, or nothing. The change most commonly experienced is very deep relaxation, greater well-being, feeling centred, more self-awareness, greater resiliency, clarity and spiritual awareness. 

How many sessions will I need?

I don't have any, one answer for that. Most clients meet with me once every week or two when doing a series of sessions. For general biofield (aura & chakra) balancing, de-stressing and deep relaxation 1-3 sessions. Deep work can be done on an issue in a series of 7 consecutive treatments, give or take a couple. Clients with multiple issues often work on one issue and return for another set of consecutive sessions after a time of integration. Many clients like to come for subsequent sessions for a monthly 'tune up' after a series of sessions have been completed. Discussion for a personal treatment plan and outcome at consultation. Session are terminated when you feel your goals have been met and you can progress on your own.

Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people’s needs, psychological, physical and social/cultural should be taken into account and seen as a whole, understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. From the standpoint of holistic health, disease is viewed to be the result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance.

The process of returning to whole health is a journey that requires all aspects of one's being to be taken into account. The primary goal is to return to and maintain a harmonious relationship within oneself and the world in which it is a part.


These services are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis, doctors consultation or treatment by the medical profession. 

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