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Hi, I'm Mara. I'm a Canadian artist, healer, and teacher in the field of energy healing. I have been sensing energies since I was a child and have been doing energy healing naturally since my teen years. It was much later that I took formal training where I learned to develop and refine these innate talents into the healing art it is today. I'm a student of ancient and modern maps of human consciousness studies. A woman who has been dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and mystical insight my whole life. I am interested in occultism and human development and was influenced by humanistic astrologer Dane Rudyher, Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and the Esoteric Teachings of Alice B. Bailey since the late 1980s. In 2010, I immersed myself into the teachings of integral Yoga Psychology, and the relationship of our life energies to health illness and healing focused on the unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious mind.​

I have practiced some form of rhythmic body movement since childhood, cultivating energy flow through movement to increase the flow of the body's qi, the universal life force. I was a competitive rhythm (jazz), tap dancer, for ten years. I have an exuberant passion for traditional yoga, discovered and practiced it in the late 1970s. I'm a Kundalini yoga practitioner. 

Cultivating these concepts of balance and adaptation to a natural flow through movement has evolved into conscious movement teachings for healing and body health. My meditation practice and spiritual principles are now at the qualitative and quantitative level following the Integral Yoga Psychology approaches. I blend elements of intuitive and spiritual awareness, and celestial insights (Channel medium, Integral Yoga Psychology, evolutionary astrology), spiritual healing (Advanced Integrative Energy Healing, healing medium), meridian based modalities (TWR/WHEE, internal trajectories, and the 12 meridians, foot reflex points), somatic-based approaches (Somatic Physiology), conscious movement, meditation, relaxation and imagery, sound, and awareness dialogue.

In 2013, I travelled to Pondicherry, Southern India for an Internship through One World Service where my primary interest was working with Tamil village women and children and local health providers teaching biofield healing, breathing techniques, meditation, and conscious movement. I was delighted to offer energy healing treatments to Tamil villagers through the Thamarai Healing Center in Edyachavady near Auroville.

I was a Lead Instructor in the Health and Human Services Department at Langara College, Vancouver, Canada where I taught Energy Awareness through transformational learning and self-development in the Healing Sciences stream in the former Integrative Energy Healing™️ Intensive, and an Internship Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor in the former Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Certificate program.

I have enhanced my skills by developing a specialty in somatic and trauma-based Integrative Energy Healing™ for trauma. I am a certified Transformative Wholistic Reintegration (TWR/WHEE) facilitator. I was invited to participate as an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing research intern for eight months of research with Fraser Health Authority's forensic nurse team dealing with vicarious trauma and managing stress in the workplace. Where the findings were presented at the Energy Psychology Conference in 2015 in B.C. The Strategic Resilience for First Responders and the Strategic Resilient for First Nations Communities programs were created out of this research in 2015-2020. Opening up to a new paradigm, I was one of the pioneers in using Advanced Integrative Energy Healing in Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authority's eating disorder recovery community since 2012, where it was used for the first time consecutively for recovery support. In addition, I have extensive experience using Advanced Integrative Energy Healing in an addictions treatment recovery arena, since 2011.

I am deeply grateful to have found this work as it has changed my entire experience of myself, how I interact with others, and how I navigate

my life.  

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  • Compassion Fatigue Certification, 2021
  • Crisis Centre Online Learning: Skillfully Responding to Stress, and Managing Stress & Burnout, 2021
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada (ongoing)
  • Provincial Instructors Diploma Program (ongoing)
  • Computer Skills for the Office certification (ongoing)
  • Essential Oil Specialist Certification, Dottera,® 2020
  • Biofield Science. California Institute Human Sciences, 2017
  • Lengthen Strengthen Certificate. Backhealer, 2016.
  • Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Certificate, Langara College, 2013
  • Integrative Energy Healing Intensive Certificate,  Langara College, 2012
  • Transformative Wholistic Reintegration Certification (TWR/WHEE) (TWR/WHEE is a hybrid of EMDR & EFT), Dr. Daniel Benor, 2012
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology For Body Workers Certificate
  • Evolutionary Astrology Studies, Maurice Fernandez, 2003
  • Spiritual Astrology. Rosecursion, 1979

Professional Memberships

  • ISAR International Society of Astrological Research.
  • ISSSEEM Subtle Energies Energy Medicine.
  • - Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™️ Practitioners.
  • NHPC Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. 


  • Advanced Integrative Energy Healing internship, coordinator & instructor, 2020
  • Integrative Energy Healing Intensive program, instructor, 2015-2020
  • [Advanced] Integrative Energy Healing Programs, clinical supervisor, 2013-2020.
  • Somatic & Trauma-based Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner for Fraser Health Authority, First Nations conference. 2018.
  • Mantra Workshops, facilitator. 2016-17
  • Research intern - Working for Ruth Lamb Ph.D.; 9-months (Surrey Memorial Hospital) providing Advanced Integrative Energy Healing for the forensic nurse's team treating vicarious trauma and stress management, 2014-15.
  • Wellspring Conference (Trauma and the energy field,) Presenter, 2013.
  • International Internship, Southern India, biofield practicum with youth.
  • One World Service - energy healing volunteer - Tamil village women.

Mara is experienced working with the following conditions but not limited to as expressed energetically and somatically.

Acute and chronic conditions

Astral forces.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) support.

Auto-Autoimmune disorders: aids, HIV, and fibromyalgia.

chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cancer support.

Chemotherapy support pre and post-treatment


Dissociation, isolation and social anxiety

Eating disorder recovery support for anorexia, and bulimia.

End of Life support.

Insomnia, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares

Life Transitions. Loss, death and or grief.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Pre-surgical support & post-surgical care.

Spiritual emergence & crises.

Stress and anxiety.

Substance Addiction recovery (support and ongoing).