Energy healing treatments offer a natural and powerful complement to use with your traditional forms of allopathic Western medicine and or healthcare practices for disease prevention, creating superior health and promoting wholeness and authenticity in our lives. 

In our busy lives, there are many factors to cause dis-ease and stress such as work, fatigue, changes, money and time issues, attitudes, and expectations. It's important to maintain your health, listen to its wisdom, and follow its guidance. Our bodies express who we are. They express our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and the unconscious through voice, gesture, movement, posture and facial expressions. Balancing the energy systems of our body balances our life. It is through them that we relate to ourselves and others.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ (AIEH™️) is a unique and highly effective approach to whole-body healing and abundant well-being. AIEH is an evidence-based, researched energy healing modality that specializes in the biofield that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It's a holistic approach to full-spectrum, multidimensional healing and wellness for the biofield, energy centers, and the physical body's tissue, muscles, bones, nerves plexuses, and cells. Energy healing treatments can aid awareness in the development of our consciousness. It facilitates the energy flow of the energetic pathways in our body, and the biofield surrounding the physical body, and can have profound positive effects. It allows a natural unfolding of flow, coherence and balance into the body.

The physical body is just one aspect of our entire being. Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person, the energy is the person, the core. This understanding is fundamental to maintaining your energy field and body in harmony. The biofield can be excessive (overcharged), deficient (undercharged), unbalanced or blocked which may lead to fatigue, anxiety, tension, pain and illness. Clients may feel subtle shifts as their energy field balances and comes into coherence. Good for a number of health issues and overall harmonizing and energizing the individual.

Modern science is catching up and validating many healing traditions from, acupuncture, meditation, qigong, and 'hands-on healing.

Benefits of integrative Energy healing

Access inner wisdom

Balance the emotions

Boosts immune system and improves sleep

Calm and regulate the Autonomic Nervous System (AoNS)

Clear busy mind chatter or fogginess.

Connect to spirit

Decrease insomnia and nightmares

Engage the power of your creativity & enhance production

Feeling more positive

Finding your Authentic Self

Grief and processing loss and death

Harmonizing, balancing and revitalizing the system.

Life transitions, direction and purpose.

Reducing pain and inflammation.

Reduce stress, anxiety 

Release phobia, fear, and trauma.

Release negative thoughts, patterns and habits

Release toxins from the body

Self-awareness​ and self-acceptance.

Self-mastery and inner work.

Clients report

Elevates energy level

Feeling lighter/weight lifted

Feeling deeply relaxed and calm

Help get through hard times

Improved sleep, decreased nightmares

Less emotional

Less anxiety

Less or no pain

Managing stress better

More self-love and acceptance

More grounded and balanced

More creative and focused

More body awareness

An Integrative Energy Healing™️ practitioner helps hold the balance while someone is going through the process of healing work. Part of our work as healers is to help in this and then soon as possible help the person to build their own resources for wellness. Over the next decade, the focus of health care will widen to include greater emphasis on prevention rather than allowing dis-ease to develop until treatment is required.

Integrative Energy Healing method

Whole-body well-being is facilitated through dialogue, intention, and vibration. The physical body and its anatomy are part of the human energy field as well. Although it is much denser than other parts of the energy system, it is an integral part of the energy field. Our organs all have energy fields and are related to specific nerve plexus centres and endocrine glands.

In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness energy balancing addresses both the body, mind and spirit. At one level, clearing the energy centres heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks. To clear and modulate imbalanced, "stuck," or disharmonious energy. These energy blockages can lead to imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual self, thus resulting in unhealthy patterns. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of movement, flow and harmony.

We have experiences all the time that are stored for later use. However, trauma memories are processed in a different way. A healthy autonomic nervous system according to Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing Therapy) is one that is in balance and can self-regulate on its own following a disruptive-regulating event. When we have a trauma that is disrupted, the parasympathetic which controls fight-flight is thwarted. If unable to complete this action it results in very reactive, hyper-vigilance, aggressiveness, and running away behaviour. When there is no safe way for the person to release the trapped energy, the poly-vagal results in collapse, dissociation, and or freeze. The information is left in fragmented form, unprocessed and not stored in long-term memory. The unintegrated fragments often cause symptoms that disrupt our lives (depression, hypersensitivity. A sound or even a smell that reminds you of the trauma can create a reaction, and in some cases elicit a full-blown panic response.

Unprocessed traumas can cause us to feel anxious, depressed, have insomnia, and have nightmares, these can be low to high in severity. It can express itself energetically in the body and energy field. Instead of the trauma feeling like it occurred in the past, it can feel like it is happening in the present. The effect of trauma can be completely take away a person's sense of safety. For example, when you have a wound your body cannot heal until the wound has been cleared of debris. In the same way that debris inhibits our body’s ability to heal, when we experience a serious trauma it disrupts our natural healing system. The muscles and tissue constrict. Using the knowledge of the nervous system, trauma, and the language of sensations, somatic intervening can re-pattern the nervous system and bring in calm and healing.

Article: Integrative Energy Healing

Somatic healing approaches to trauma, chronic stress and anxiety, depression, and sleep issues provide clients with coping strategies to self-regulate their nervous system and resource themselves. This allows a safe release of the constriction or trapped energy. First and foremost a safe place will be created for any trauma work with a client. Some techniques can go to the edge of trauma but never inside, it is a very gentle, safe and slow method of work. It is applied with thoughtful consideration before and during their application. 

Self-care techniques are body-oriented methods for regulation that the client will learn in a session and can take home to use. Techniques for feeling safe, body awareness, and reducing anxiety and stress.

Intention- "The super-conscious (subconscious) mind keeps the Intention going. When we can let go of Intention as a thought (mind) the subtle Intention can step in to orchestrate everything. Every biological rhythm in your body is part of the symphony of the whole cosmos" Deepak Chopra.

Awareness Dialogue techniques are used to assess the biofield and energy around and in your body. Awareness Dialogue is within the scope of practice of an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioner, it is not therapy or counselling. Awareness Dialogue is a therapeutic talk approach to support change, regeneration, and renewal of hope and purpose that promote individual choice, viewpoints, and healing potential. Using the intention to facilitate self-awareness and coherence to support whole-body healing. Awareness Dialogue may or may not be used to facilitate healing.

Resource (using an image or quality) regulating (bilateral stimulation) is done as a stand-alone technique. With the aid of an experienced practitioner using foot or hand regulating to enhance resources that are already in us is a wonderful tool that reduces anxiety and depression, helps with sleep, increase creativity and performance, aids in healing, and decrease distress after a traumatic incident and difficult trauma processing work. Resource Regulating has been very helpful for many people. The practitioner will keep the work focused exclusively on the positive, healing resources, and does not allow a free flow of processing. 

Meridians and energetic point therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine tradition) and Nadis (from the Ayurvedic tradition) are subtle (non-physical) pathways in the body through which energy flows also known as QI/Prana. 

Transformative Wholistic Reintegration (TWR) "With roots in clinical psychology, Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Based Therapies use cognition, affect and non-invasive treatment of the acupuncture meridians (energy lines). This releases blocks and restores the free flow of life energy to heal our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. The theory underlying this innovative approach offers explanations drawn from quantum physics, information-processing models, and leading-edge biological research. The resulting therapeutic effects are remarkably quick and fundamentally thorough". As stated by Dr. Daniel Benor who developed a treatment approach called WHEE (Wholistic Health Easily and Effectively) now renamed TWR (Transformative Wholistic Reintegration). A hybrid of EFT and EMDR. He believes that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. 'All emotional distress is ultimately caused, held in place, and re-triggered because of a disturbance in the subtle energy system. From this follows the possibility that distress can be resolved by restoring balance and harmony to the system. The gentleness, speed, and power of these procedures, using the "tapping" technique leave clients observably relieved and no longer stuck in their previously distressing, involuntary, out-of-order reaction patterns. There is no need to relive the traumas of the past in order to transform the patterns they have created in our lives.'


Even though I do my best to describe these techniques with words, you really have to experience them to understand how they work. If you feel a curiosity I encourage you to contact us and ask questions, and or experience a session. All of these practices are evolving, and constantly being enriched by the practitioners that use them.